Tuesday, July 16, 2013

One more 3ds flashcart - Ace3ds plus is to support 3ds 6.1.0-11

According to ace3ds official team releasing news that the new ace3ds plus has supported to new 3ds firmware 6.1.0-11. That's one more 3ds flashcart which  support this newest 3ds system once again.
Let me show your the official newes reporting:

Our new ACE3DS PLUS can support N3DS v6.1.0-x perfectly!---2013.7.5

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Ace3DS PLUS Wood firmware v1.61 Officially Released

ACE3DS plus has supported to newest 3DS ver. 6.1.0-x one week ago , and this time the ace3ds team released new wood firmware version 1.61 for it. This firmware is mainly fixed the compatible of recently popular ds games , such as cars 2, toy story 3...
I've quoted the official news from ace3ds official site:

Ace3DS PLUS AOS V2.11 / ACE Wood firmware V1.61 Released ! -2013-7-16

Change Log
•'cars 2 (europe) (en,sv,fi)' fixed.
•'toy story 3 (europe) (en,sv,no,da,fi)' fixed.
•'lernen mit pokemon - tasten-abenteuer (germany)' fixed.
•'tangled (europe) (en,sv,no,da)' fixed.
•'cooking mama world - combo pack - volume 1 (europe)' fixed.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ace3ds plus Now available for 3DS 5.0.0-11 !!

So far as we known, Nintendo updated the 3DS firmware to Ver. 5.0.0-11, this update had blocked many 3ds flashcards , such as r4i-sdhc 3ds , acekard , r4isdhc 3ds silver etc... However , the ace3ds team had confirmed the ace3ds plus support directly for 3DS 5.0.0-11.
This is quote from official news:
Ace3ds plus, which work well on 3DS V4.5.0-10, can perfectly support the latest V5.0.0-11! [2013-3-26] 

It's amazing news that our ace3ds plus user can update their 3ds to newest  to make a better experience with it if their card could work on 3ds ver 4.5 . So, users just need to download the lasted ACE WOOD firmware to work with their ace3ds plus...For more detail , please click here to view.
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